The Wharton Club of the United Kingdom

Candidate Statement: Aman Gupta, W'11

I would like to lead the UK alumni network and energise the club making it a community we all connect with and are proud of. My goals are as follows:

  • Have the club transform itself into a more tightly knit society that has three forms of events:
    • Small social gatherings – over games and drinks, providing a chance to know each other in a more casual environment
    • Larger events – Speaker series, conferences and educational events, similar to what we have today with members also having the ability to invite guests
    • Outdoor travel excursions – enthusiastic alumni who are interested in bonding in a group tour
  • Have a unity with other University clubs to be able to share ideas and opinions while learning from their backgrounds (this should enable Wharton to market its brand name to local communities in UK that do not know us well)
  • Advocate for the club during planning and execution of events including the Wharton’s Global Forum (next one scheduled for June 2019)

Our current format of events and niche chapters have been very successful and are expected to continue even post the new committee.