Election 2021 Candidate Statements

Thomas Egeman, WG'97

My commitment to the Wharton Club of the UK is founded on my enjoyment and appreciation of educational and alumni experiences of a great group of like-minded Wharton graduates. Over the years, I have remained involved with both Lauder and Wharton, seeking to build a strong and connected alumni group. 

I would like to submit my candidacy for re-election to the Board of Directors of the Wharton Club of the UK. I have been the Director of WCUK since its incorporation in 2019. My main area of activity is the Wharton Angel Alumni Network (WAAN) of the UK, a professional group linking entrepreneurs and early-stage investors across Europe, aiming to provide Wharton Alumni with the opportunity to invest in exciting European-based startups. I have been co-chairing this activity with Doug Clarisse from 2018, and, together with other Wharton colleagues, we have organized a number of thematic events covering: Angel 101; Debt Financing with Silicon Valley Bank; MedTech and Blockchain. In the four years that we have been operating, we have had eight pitch events. Volunteers have screened 200+ companies, of which 35 were invited to pitch, and of which eight received investment funded at an average of £50k. Encouragingly, WAAN events have driven increased membership of the WCUK.

If elected to remain as a Director of WCUK, I would continue to build on the success of WAAN and would look at developing an ever wider, more vibrant and involved group across all generations of alumni. In particular, I would look to integrate WAAN activities with the global network of Wharton Alumni Angels, bringing UK and European startups to the attention of our colleagues in the Americas and Asia, as well as providing opportunities for UK Angels to invest in the US. I would continue to work towards engaging my fellow alumni to become active, and involved members of the Wharton Club of the UK, with a growing benefit to us all.


Emilie Esposito, WG'15 

A half French, half Italian Wharton and Lauder Graduate, I would like to serve as a Director of the Wharton Alumni Club of the U.K. My aim is to develop the Wharton Alumni mentorship for startups (WHAM) initiative in the U.K., to promote diversity and inclusion in the club and to plan events related to investments and new business challenges.

First, I would love to continue developing the WHAM initiative as a representative for the U.K., which I have been developing on an interim basis for the last few months. This initiative matches Wharton Alumni with startup founders, and allows our Wharton Alumni to give back to our community while getting closer to entrepreneurs - in line with the school’s efforts to develop its entrepreneurship capabilities. Having enabled 10+ WHAM mentorships so far and having been a mentor myself, I have also seen firsthand how WHAM can cater to our Alumni’s career goals.

Second, I would like to continue working on diversity topics as the Inclusivity Chair of the Committee. I would like to ensure that the club activities address our broader Alumni community and to develop further volunteering initiatives to give back to local minorities in our communities.

Finally, I am looking forward to organising a few events leveraging my investment professional background and my interest in new business challenges and opportunities triggered by digitalisation.

Prior to joining the U.K. committee in early 2020 as I moved back to the U.K., I demonstrated my interest in strengthening the Wharton brand and Alumni community in Europe as I served as coordinator of the Wharton and UPenn community in Frankfurt (2016-2017), Germany as well as helped to create the Wharton Club of Geneva, Switzerland (since 2019). I also helped to interview UPenn undergrads and served on the Huntsman and Switzerland committees since 2019. 

I look forward to continuing to give back as a Wharton Alumna, and thank you in advance for your vote.


George Gvishiani, WG'08

After being part of the Committee for almost a year, I would like to express my interest in serving our Club as a Director.

I would like to perpetuate the feeling we all had when we were first accepted at the School. Especially, becoming part of something big. With fellow Directors, I would love to foster community spirit, do active mentoring of newcomers, and propel a pleasant feeling of friendship and community we all experienced when we were at the school’s and Philly’s diverse places. The approach we have at the Wharton Club of the UK totally fits with the above.

If the Club, the Committee, and all members think that my service can be useful for the club, I am ready to take the responsibility of serving our Club as one of its Directors.

Having founded and served as a board member of several not-for-profits organizations (anti-AIDS, Big Hall of the Conservatory, Cultural Association of Strasbourg for disadvantaged Children, etc.), I can complement and support my fellow Directors.


Diane McGrath, WG'91

Thank you for your consideration of my candidature as a Director of the Wharton Club of the UK. Since my graduation from Wharton, my involvement in the Wharton, Penn and Lauder alumni communities has been very important to me. I am currently on the committee for the Wharton Club of the UK, and have sourced several speakers for the club. I also lead the WG 91 30th reunion organizing committee, serve as cohort class captain, and have hosted numerous pre and post reunion brunches, dinners and parties. I have helped organize Wharton regional conferences and been a keynote speaker at events for current students. I also volunteer in Wharton Alumni Career Chats and attend Wharton Women on Boards.

As a co-founder of the Penn Club of Silicon Valley, I served as vice president and am currently an advisor. Interviewing high school students for Penn is another activity that I greatly enjoy. I also served on the Lauder Institute Alumni Association for six years, was on the original organizing committee for the Lauder reunions, and have helped organize three reunions on two continents. I also volunteer for the Lauder Big Sibling networking program and help raise funds for the Lauder Institute.

Professionally, I’ve held senior global business development, marketing and management roles in
entertainment, consumer goods and venture capital. Employers include Disney, Procter & Gamble,
McKinsey and Reckitt Benckiser.

I’ve also held leadership positions at a number of nonprofits and charities, including Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) and TeamforTech. Most recently, I was on the governing board of Brighter Children, a charity bringing education to impoverished communities around the world, and am currently a trustee of We Are Family, a charity supporting adoptive families, based in the UK.

I hold a joint MBA/MA from Wharton/the Lauder Institute and a BA with honors from the University of Illinois, where my family and I endowed the McGrath Go Global Scholarship for undergraduate students.

The WCUK is one of the leading Wharton alumni clubs in the world, with an outstanding group of volunteers, events and speakers. I would be honored to be considered as a Director of the club.


Richard Abeeku Mills-Robertson, WG'14

I am a 2014 graduate of the Wharton Executive MBA program, and an international commercial lawyer and business executive with over 20+ years’ experience in intellectual property, technology, and strategy. 

Since my relocation from New York City to London to join my family, the Wharton Club of the UK (“WCUK”) has proved to be a great network for me in London.  Specifically, even though the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult to connect with people in person, I have found volunteering with the WCUK to be useful for many reasons.  Through the monthly virtual meetings of the Committee and intervening planning, I have met many interesting, talented, and capable people on the Committee who have consistently, and gladly, given off their time to organize quality, fun, and educational events for the larger membership body; and also helped orient me to useful resources in London (whether that involves providing recommendations for childcare agencies or finding an executive coach!).  These interactions have served as bright points of light in an otherwise challenging year and have made my transition to London smoother and more enjoyable.

As a Director of WCUK, I can leverage my legal experience and background to, among other things:

  • serve as a Corporate Secretary for the Company;
  • assist with understanding thorny contractual obligations or matters that arise; and
  • serve on select committees (strategy, nomination, audit, etc.) that the Company may choose to form.

In addition, I would seek to leverage my international background to foster a global perspective for the Club and promote closer ties to other Wharton Clubs in Europe, Africa, and the US.

Finally, as Director, I would love to continue to foster the genuine camaraderie I have seen on the Committee and to serve as a resource for other Wharton alumni transitioning to the UK, in much the same way as the current Committee has done for me.

I look forward to serving the Company.


Margot Neuburger, C'12

I have enjoyed serving as a member of the Wharton Club's UK Committee over the last year.  As the Co-President of the Penn Club of the UK, I have been responsible for promoting collaboration between the Penn Club and the Wharton Club. This joint effort is a strategic priority for both organisations.  We have significantly increased collaboration over the last year, most notably through co-hosting and cross-promoting events.  Our efforts have been well received and I look forward to continuing this effort and further strengthening the relationship between the two club's boards.

In addition to my work on behalf of the alumni clubs, I serve as a member of Penn Medicine's UK Advisory Council and a Penn Alumni interviewer.  After graduating in the Class of 2012 with a degree in the History of Art, I began my career at Goldman Sachs and have since worked in private equity fundraising and asset management.


Mark Tousey, WG'85

I am deeply committed to the Club and its activities and wish to extend my support of its continued growth in activities and membership.  I have been serving on the Wharton UK Committee since April 2020 and have been contributing to work on membership strategy as well as arranging social events for members.  We have so much to offer our members as well as being a focal point to welcome newly-graduated Wharton alums to the UK.  With a broad range of Wharton alums in the UK, we can provide professional, social, cultural and sports activities to members as well as to enhance further the reputation of the world's greatest business school.

As a former investment banker turned private investor, I offer the Club the experience I have gained in serving on over 30 boards of directors since moving to London a few years after completing my MBA at Wharton.  My board appointments include my family office and other UK, US and European corporates; a leading UK music conservatory; an independent UK school; the investment committee for a major endowment at an educational institution in the US; and other non-profit and cultural organisations in the UK and the US.  I currently chair a US charitable foundation and serve as co-chair of the American Friends of the English National Opera.  Outside of work, my two passions are opera and sub diving.  I have hosted two visits to English National Opera for the Club in the past few years and am planning further Club events at ENO, Glyndebourne, and Garsington.  As chair of the Sub Aqua Committee at the Royal Automobile Club, I would be pleased to include WCUK members on our frequent dive trips.  In the City, I am a liveryman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots and a freeman of the Musicians’ Company.