Wharton Alumni Mentors (WHAM)

Wharton Alumni volunteers requested for 2 hours per week to coach and mentor startups around Europe

Startups are led by innovators who today are facing unprecedented challenges and fast-changing circumstances.  You could really make a difference by volunteering just two hours a week to mentor an entrepreneur.  Wharton Alumni can help these companies with their previous experiences and business acumen.   Even if you have no direct experience with startups or small companies, a weekly two hour conference call could bring a small stretched management team huge benefits, such as:  assessing new strategic actions; providing ideas on specific problem solving; acting as a general sounding board; or utilising your network to help with any/all of the above.

WHAM is designed to be easy to implement:

  • Register here and list 2 or 3 industries or skills in which you are interested or knowledgeable
  • Wait for the Club to suggest a company that you could mentor
  • Access company information on the WAAN (Europe) page in Gust
  • Let us know if you think the suggested match is for you. No reasons necessary
  • Contact the company and get on with it!

Do feel free to spread the word to any businesses you know that you think could benefit from the WHAM program (we have a suggested email template to use which you can download here).   It will take us some time to build a list of such companies, but we are sure there are many out there!

Please note that we are using Gust out of convenience, and not as an indication that any potential mentees are raising capital or require any investment from a mentor.