Wharton Club of the UK's AI Studio - Research & Collab Meetings

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
7:00pm— 9:00pm
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George Gvishiani

In this new series of the Wharton UK AI Studio, we will talk about the latest research and applications in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

We will hold two distinct types of events:
1. For investors and entrepreneurs
2. For machine learning researchers and engineers

This upcoming event, on May 19th, is designed for investors and entrepreneurs. This event's subject will be AI in Cyber Security: "Attacks and Breaches on your AI models: the three most common threats." For our business audience - perhaps less familiar with Machine Learning we will present, at a very high level, the most recent and/or interesting research in the field (especially, in Deep Learning). Furthermore, we will talk about how the results can be used to solve real-life problems, satisfy diverse business needs, remove pain points, and more generally improve the human condition.

In the upcoming events, dedicated to the technical audience, we will analyze the bleeding edge Machine Learning research and technological innovations to better understand the theoretical advancements in the field.

Our ambition is to bring together investors and the tech community and to maximize the positive impact that innovation can have on our lives. We want to help start-ups that are willing to bring the newest products based on the latest Machine Learning/Deep Learning research to the market. Hence, we plan to help selected AI start-ups in getting the necessary support from Wharton Alumni.

These new series are presented by:

Adrien Philippe

Adrien is a graduate of HEC Paris, ENS Paris-Saclay and Paris Dauphine. He worked on research on Machine Learning related topics at Paris Dauphine University and MIT. He had worked with numerous startups, mostly helping newly formed teams to develop and get to production ML-based solutions. Adrien founded a MedTech company helping oncologists treat their patients through genomics and AI. He is currently advising mid and large-size companies willing to implement AI and data processing in their business processes.

George Gvishiani

George Gvishiani (WG08) is a Researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning since 2012. At first, he helped new ventures using AI/ML technologies in fundraising. Since 2016 he has been developing ML/AI algorithms himself. He recently created the Wharton Club of the UK's AI Studio with the purpose of organizing events with the pioneers of AI in diverse fields and for strengthening the bridge between AI and the business community.

Prior to AI and after Wharton, George worked in Wealth Management in New York and later in Private Equity in London.

George holds triple master’s degrees: MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in International Finance and Risk Regulation, L.L.M from the University of Strasbourg in Business Law, L.L.M from Tbilisi State University in Public Law. George wrote his Ph.D. Thesis with prominent French Scholar in Business Law, Philippe Simler.

Some of George’s distinctions include Scholarship of the French Government, George Soros Foundation Fellowships, and Eiffel Prize and Scholarship for Excellence.


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