Presidents' Message

Dear Club Members and Fellow Wharton Alumni,

You are welcome at the Wharton Club of United Kingdom! With over 2,000 Alumni across London and the rest of the British Isles, our club constitutes the largest Wharton Alumni grouping outside the US.

The Wharton Club of UK was founded in 1975, by the late Sir Paul Judge, and was one of the first Wharton Alumni clubs created outside the United States.  

The mission of The Wharton Club of the UK is to serve the Wharton community in the UK.  Here Wharton Alumni can network with leaders in start-ups, finance, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, investment banking, management consulting, healthcare, energy, renewables, industrials and the many other industries propelled by our Alumni.  In addition to our professional events, Alumni benefit from social events such as pub nights, holiday parties, Fourth of July celebrations and cultural events hosted by their fellow our Alumni or in conjunction with the Penn Club of the United Kingdom   

Your club is run by unpaid Alumni volunteers.  We receive no financial assistance from Wharton and all of the money you pay goes to deliver events to you rather than going to the school.  The club therefore survives and thrives on four important contributions by you UK based Alumni:

  1. Signing up as members and paying dues to support the club;
  2. Volunteering to be part of the Committee or to run a Network; as well as associated events for other Alumni
  3. Picking up the phone to help and advise fellow Alumni; and
  4. Recognising the efforts that your fellow Alumni on the Committee and those who organise events on your behalf.

We encourage you to seek to join the Committee.  In addition to running the club, Committee is a social organisation itself – a club within the Club.  Committee members put in the extra efforts to run the club for you and benefit from a closer connection to their fellow Alumni.

I hope you will get involved, whether you graduated from the MBA, undergraduate, Lauder Institute, PhD, Certificate or Executive programmes.

I look forward to seeing you at our next event or even better, the next Committee Drinks!

With warm regards,

A. Lloyd Thomas W’06