Presidents' Message

Dear Club Members and Fellow Wharton Alumni,

Welcome to the Wharton Club of United Kingdom! With over 2,000 alumni in the United Kingdom, our club constitutes the largest alumni grouping outside the US.

The Wharton Club of UK was founded in 1975, and many of our alumni carry significant influence in the global business community.  A large proportion of our members work in Private Equity, Management Consulting, Healthcare, Fintech and Investment Management, as well as Entrepreneurship and other commercial, governmental and not-for-profit roles. 

The mission of The Wharton Club of the UK is to serve the Wharton community in the UK by making it the go-to place for our members for professional development, premier social events and networking with alumni clubs of other academic institutions.

We are a club for everyone affiliated to Wharton School, and we unite alumni in the community through regular communication and organized events which are held every month. Over the next year, the new Executive Committee plans to involve and strengthen the Wharton alumni network through a series of new events which we hope will appeal to a wider audience. We will also link up with other alumni associations from other schools in London to widen the scope of our activities. Our goal is to further engage and build lasting relationships among alumni in the UK. 

On behalf of the officers of the WCUK, I encourage all Wharton alumni across the undergraduate, MBA and executive programs, residing or simply passing by London, to participate in our events.

Thank you very much. See you in a future event!


Aman Gupta

Wharton Club of United Kingdom