Membership FAQ

Who can join the Club?

The Club is for Wharton and Penn alumni in business in the UK - from the MBA, Undergraduate, PhD, Executive Education and Special Programs.

Students who did an exchange or courses at Wharton are invited to subscribe to our mailing list and attend our events, subject to availability. 

Wharton Alumni from elsewhere in Europe who come to the UK at times, but do not wish to join as members, are also welcome to subscribe to the mailing list. You may also attend our events as a Non-Member, subject to availability.

Why join?


  • Tool for personal and professional growth through value-added events and services
  • Provides you with phenomenal opportunities for networking and identifying business and personal opportunities
  • Forum of interaction amongst approximately 1,500 alumni – amazing people from different nationalities and with a broad range of background!
  • Regular Club communication
  • Members-only events and/or priority booking for events, some of which sell out with Members only
  • Discounted event pricing: up to 50% discount per event (on average £10 per event)
  • Access to our wonderful clubhouse, the Royal Over-Seas League, located on Green Park.  ROSL has agreed to waive the joining fee for Members. In addition, if you join Committee Club, the Club may pay half of your annual ROSL membership fee, and if you become a Director of the Club, you will have all of your annual ROSL membership fee paid.
  • Access to a range of services and opportunities made available to the Club (including job opportunities, the ability to post on our job board, and priority to be selected as a speaker in one of our panels)


We represent Wharton in the UK, and aim to support the School in all their activities here: Admissions, Career Services, Fundraising and Official Events, among others. By joining the Club you are supporting us in this activity as well!


By joining the Club, you are supporting us in further developing the Wharton brand here. Do you care that all they know about is Oxford? 

How much does it cost?

It costs less than 10p a day to support Wharton in the UK! Annual Membership is £35 per year, and the 365 days start counting the day you join. Why wait?

Renewal: if you are a current Member and renew your Membership before expiry, the 365 days start counting on the day of expiration - you don't lose days for renewing early!

Where do my dues go?

Members' dues are used to cover our administrative costs and operating expenses and allow us to have an established infrastructure in the UK. This includes website with card processing, newsletters, database, events, services, and an amazing Admin! All Alumni involved with the Club - Advisory Board, Chairman, President, Board, Committee, and Volunteers - do so on a completely volunteer basis, donating several hours of their time in addition to being all of them current Club Members. All our efforts are reflected on the page you are looking at right now, and the various activities you can get involved in. Do explore and take advantage of this opportunity!