AI Studio

The Wharton Alumni AI Studio was born in 2020 in collaboration with the Wharton Club of the UK, as an initiative aiming to strengthen the connection between Business Professionals, Domain Experts, and Researchers in Artificial Intelligence with a series of AI-focused events.

In 2023, we have launched Wharton AI Studio Expert Network, a community of professionals sharing an interest in the deep tech ecosystem.

Our purpose is to help Wharton Alumni to convert their business expertise into something valuable in the world of AI, create new projects and start-ups with AI professionals, participate in AI Studio think tanks and exchange about how the invaluable knowledge of Wharton Alumni can help the deep tech field.

AI Studio wants to go one step further and bring closer tech experts, industry professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and future leaders to exchange knowledge, capabilities, skills and ideas around how to disrupt current business models. We want to be a driving force of change, and believe we can do so by deepening connections between our like-minded Alumni.

Should you be interested in joining our community, please fill out the form at the link below so that we can include you in the community we are creating. George Gvishiani (founder of Wharton Studio AI and co-founder of Wharton Studio AI Expert Network) Emilie Esposito (co-founder of Wharton Studio AI Expert Network)