Election 2022 Candidate Statements

Alex Grove, WG'07

It is an honour to be nominated to be treasurer of WCUK. In preparation for taking on this role I have over the past year participated in the budgeting process and also the preparation of the club's financial statements. My objective as treasurer will be to ensure that the club is on firm financial footing for the long term. A year ago, it looked like we were at risk of losing that footing: the lengthy covid lockdowns had led to a significant loss of revenue for the club. Thankfully, previous club officers left us with a substantial cash cushion, which gave us time to plan a return to break-even. We realized that the initiative of the club leadership in hosting events throughout the lockdowns had provided us with a ready-made value proposition to generate event and membership fees, which has substantially reversed our financial position and put us on much firmer ground going forward. To avoid giving the wrong impression, I want to emphasize that this is a non-profit organisation. We are not coldly calculating ways to achieve profit maximization. But even as a non-profit we must generate enough revenue from events and memberships to ensure our long term viability. As treasurer, I will keep that principle in mind as I endeavor to be a good steward of the club's future.