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Thursday, February 18, 2021
3:00pm— 4:00pm
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George Gvishiani

Entrepreneurship in DeepTech and AI.

The most interesting directions in AI and DeepTech & the most difficult challenges that entrepreneurs encounter and how to overcome them.



Gil Arditi
Gil is the Product Lead at Facebook AI. Gil has a long and rich experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  He has founded several startups and created AI products in DeepTech. For the last several years and before joining Facebook he worked as a Product Lead at Google, Lyft, and Amazon. He developed an array of products based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Gil owns two patents for developing technologies for (1) Personalised ride experience based on real-time signals and for (2) Generation and update of HD maps using data from heterogeneous sources.  Gil is an Advisory Board Member for Transform at VentureBeat. Gil helds M. B. A. from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and BSc in Math Physics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Bruno Occhipinti
Bruno Occhipinti is a tech sector exponent of innovation and long-term global strategy in the fields of Healthcare and Tech, across Asia and Europe. He is running CrestaLab, a boutique consulting firm to coach, consult, and advise corporations that enable equitable access to quality care via digital health solutions. In his former role in Philips APAC, Bruno designed and executed strategies for affordable care in emerging markets, chronic-care management, and telehealth. He also led the new business of Affordable Care in APAC, developing synergies across the organization, and activating international cross-sector alliances.
Previously based in Philips headquarters in Amsterdam, Bruno led management consulting projects across all businesses for the Executive Committee. Beforehand, he handled corporate development in the solar energy venture of Samsung, after two years as a Global Strategist at the group’s headquarters in Seoul. Prior to that, he led several roles in pre-sales, product management, and consulting in data analytics for Hyperion (Oracle Group) in APAC and Europe. Bruno holds an MBA from the Wharton School and graduate degrees in International Studies (Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania), Finance (IAE Aix-en-Provence, France), and Entrepreneurship (Sup de Co Marseille-Provence, France). He is also a Certified Integral Life Coach and a lecturer at Murdoch University.



George Gvishiani
George is the Researcher in AI and a Founder of GKEntropy - a startup building AI based technologies and helping ML Technologies based startups in optimizing and interpreting Deep Learning based products. George has worked in Machine Learning and AI since 2012. At first, he helped new ventures using AI/ML technologies in fundraising. Since 2016 he has been developing ML/AI algorithms himself. In his ongoing project, George collaborates with several experts around the world. In 2016 he participated in creation of the first of its kind four course Specialization on Coursera, in Machine Learning in Finance by Doctor Igor Halperin and New York University. Before becoming a Machine Learning Professional, George worked in Private Equity, Wealth Management, and had his own legal practice. George holds M.B.A from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, LL.M from the University of Strasbourg, and LL.M from Tbilisi State University. He wrote the Ph.D. thesis with the prominent French Professor, Philippe Simler.
This event is organized by the Wharton Club of the UK's new initiative "Wharton UK AI Studio" and the Wharton Club of Paris.



Pierre-Emmanuel Goubeaux-Chaperon
Pierre-Emmanuel (aka Piem) is an Intrapreneur at IBM France. With a background in Design and Innovation, Piem went from designing winning transformation strategies for large corporations to grow his own interest for startups. Founding member and Director of the first Industrialization program for B2B startups called Scale Zone, Piem handles responsibilities in driving startups to scale with success. Piem is now responsible for clients in the automotive industry sector at IBM and still a very active community member of the French startup ecosystem with his specialization about how to scale a startup.


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