HBS CLUB OF LONDON: The World in 2018, Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of the Economist

Date and Time
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
6:30pm— 9:00pm
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London Capital Club
15 Abchurch Ln
London EC4N 7BW
United Kingdom
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Daniel Franklin



Executive Editor of The Economist

Editor of The Economist's annual publication, "The World in .....", focusing on the year ahead.

Tuesday, 20 February 18.30, 19.00 Presentation, 20.15 Networking, 21.00 Finish
London Capital Club, 15 Abchurch Lane, London, EC4N 7BW  
£25 Club Members, £40 Non-members, and Guests


In a world where the future becomes increasingly difficult to project and understand The World in 2018—the Economist’s annual publication focuses on the year ahead providing a comprehensive, structured and expert overview, dedicated to predictions of global trends, covering everything from business to science, politics and culture in the year to come. 

Daniel Franklin - Editor of The Economist’s annual publication, “The World in…” and Executive Editor of The Economist will talk us through the analysis of the year ahead compiled from inputs from specialist editors with The Economist, columnists from other publications and leaders from business, politics, science and the arts. 

The World in 2018 is the 32nd edition, building on three decades of publishing success. It outlines the international calendar of scheduled events in 2018 as well as exposing a host of powerful ideas about the future, not least driven by technology. It is specific, numerate, opinionated and full of predictions.  

Daniel Franklin has been Executive Editor of The Economist since 2006 and Editor since 2003 of The Economist’s annual publication, “The World in…”;. He joined The Economist in 1983 to write about Soviet and East European affairs. As the newspaper’s Europe Editor from 1986 to 1992 he covered the great European upheavals, from the collapse of communism to the signing of the Maastricht treaty. After a stint as Britain Editor he moved to the United States as Washington Bureau Chief, covering the first Clinton term. In 1997 he moved back to London as Editorial Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit. From 2006 to 2010 he was Editor-in-Chief of Economist.com. For the following four years he was Business Affairs Editor, running the paper’s coverage of business, finance, science and technology. His book on long-term trends, “Megachange: The World in 2050”, was published in 2012, and its successor, “Megatech: Technology in 2050, followed in 2017.

Drinks and Canapes will be served.  Guests welcome.

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