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Monday, July 2, 2018
6:30pm— 9:30pm
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Charles Russell Speechlys
5 Fleet Pl
London EC4M 7RD
United Kingdom
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Moderated by Julien Callede, Co-Founder of Made.com - a leading digital furniture brand

Monday, 2 July 18.30 Registration, 19.00 Presentation, 20.30 Networking
Charles Russell Speechlys, 5 Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7RD 
£35 (Please note that we do not take American Express)


We are pleased to announce the four high profile companies pitching for your investment at our next pitch event on Monday, 2 July. (See below for more information).

Our event will be moderated by Julien Callede, Co-Founder of Made.com - a leading digital furniture brand.

  • Battle Me
  • FindMeCure
  • Proximie
  • Shepherd

In order to conform with UK legislation you must now self-certify that you are a high net worth individual or a sophisticated investor to attend all HBS Angels pitch events.  

Please bring the completed self-certification form with you or you will need to sign one on the door.

On behalf of the HBS Angels board, thank you for your interest in HBS Angels, and we look forward to seeing you on 2 July.



BattleMe is a fun introduction to Rap Music. Users record tracks and grow their talent through winning contests.
The app achieved 1 Million Downloads and £152,000 in revenue with only a £5,000 marketing budget.
The industry size is $50 Billion annually. Rap is the #1 music genre in the US according to Forbes and “The favorite youth culture” according to National Geographic.
BattleMe is a powerful tool for brands to emotionally engage the 16-28 customer base by sponsoring in-app contests.  Brands like Huawei and O2 already sponsored the BattleMe contests.
Projected revenue in 3 years is £50 M.



FindMeCure exists for the purpose of accelerating medicine by empowering patients and speeding up the clinical research process. Patient recruitment is the biggest problem of the pharmaceutical industry and the main reason why 9 out of 10 clinical trials fail. FindMeCure’s unique infrastructure provides an automated trial application process which matches patients to the trials that they are eligible for in a scalable way. This infrastructure allows multiple patients channels to become a source for patient recruitment – patient organisations, health websites, social media and the likes.

Proximie Ltd


Proximie is an award-winning AR telehealth platform that enables clinicians to collaborate and share expertise over distance, and at scale.  Solving some of healthcare's greatest challenges; the global demand to train and upskill millions of new surgeons,  delivery of healthcare in the peripheries and reducing variability in the quality of healthcare.  Proximie's evidence-based platform has been designed by clinicians for clinicians, providing real-time AR collaboration and guidance tools, overlayed with curated content from leading global publishers.  Crowdsourced knowledge from live surgeries is also captured in a secure video library.  Unlike other AR healthcare solutions, Proximie is a hardware-agnostic platform, that is ready to scale now, and is gaining traction across hospital groups and the medical device industry.



Shepherd is a SaaS platform that reduces losses from breakdowns and compliance failures. UK clients spend £30bn each year on maintenance and insurance to mitigate these risks. Shepherd's technology is purchased by insurers & facilities managers (FMs) to analyse data from machine and environment sensors in order to proactively identify problems. By spotting issues early Shepherd rapidly mobilises maintenance partners to prevent problems like leaks, fire risks & health concerns. This results in operating efficiencies for FMs, reduced losses for insurers, opportunities to increase insurance coverage and better protected clients. Four global insurers are currently integrating Shepherd's technology.


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