AI Studio Coffee Chats

Date and Time
Saturday, April 13, 2024
5:00pm— 6:00pm
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Prasad Thammineni / George Gvishiani
Who's coming
Beth Li Gil Kaminski Aviva Brooks Niraj Desai Eric Peffer Brent Chinn Aashna Puri Praveen Lingathoti Rahima Valji Iason Vovolis Vinay Bachireddy Georg Wiegel Karen Abbott Alex Rodriguez Julie Cheu Mukta Darera Melissa Lo Anastasia Roumelioti Zhuorui Fu David Fernandez Tavares Ion Tsakonas Eric Peffer
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Wharton AI Studio - Monthly Learning meetings

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Wharton AI Studio - Monthly Learning Meeting

Topic: Generative AI - Unlocking New Frontiers


Join us for our next monthly AI gathering as we explore the transformative potential of generative AI. This cutting-edge technology is rapidly advancing, allowing machines to generate human-like content across text, images, code, and more.


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