Wharton Entrepreneur Group

There are over a thousand Wharton Alumni in London. Many of them will start or join entrepreneurial companies in their careers so WEG is here for when you do. If you haven't thought of life outside the cosy corporate world then maybe you should! Surprisingly it is possible to function without a subsidised canteen and a weekly motivating message from some bloke you've never met.

The Wharton Entrepreneur Group (WEG) primarily exists to give support to Alumni trying to start and run new ventures. This support can take many forms: networking, advice from an "old hand" or just some good old-fashioned encouragement.


Every entrepeneur knows the value of networking. WEG offers events with other top business schools to meet other entrepeneurs as well as those from VCs and Private Equity.

We also have an Alumni Business Directory.


Often understated but a few bits of advice could save you thousands of pounds. For example, you don't need to spend a fortune on lawyers and accountants to run a new business in a very tax-efficient manner in the early years. WEG can introduce you to people who have faced similar situations and learned from the experience.

Support and encouragement

During the early years running a small business can be a roller-coaster. You can feel all alone during the bad moments or times of pressure. We hope that WEG can offer support from people who understand the pressures and can give some perspective and encouragement. (Is this problem just a dose of reality rather than the end of your business?)